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Mike Long resides in San Diego County and has been married to his wife Debbie for 22 years and they have two children. Mike has been fishing the lakes in and around San Diego since he was six years old. He holds the record for the tenth-largest bass of all time; he caught a 20 lb.12 oz. bass on Lake Dixon in 2001. He has caught over seventy-five fish weighing more than 15 lbs.

His accomplishments have been recognized worldwide in the fishing community. He has been a guest on many television shows such as Hank Parker Outdoors, Shaw Grigsby, the Outdoor Channel, and Randy Jones’ Strike Zone. In addition to television, he has been on over 42 magazine covers worldwide including the cover of Bass Master Magazine twice. He is the only non-tournament angler to have made the cover twice. Mike has contributed to or been the subject of over 100 articles on fishing. Companies such as Shawn Donovan’s Optimum lures, Castaic lures, and Rago lures have relied on his knowledge as he has worked as both a field tester and consultant for their products.

For the past 14 years he has helped organize many local charity events that promote youth fishing.

He wanted to share his passion for fishing as well as his knowledge so he has begun this website.