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Jigs, most fishermen look at these big fish lures and think they are all the same…They are not!
Now living up in the great Pacific Northwest I have been introduced to Justin Blackmore. Justin is the Owner and operator of J&J Tackle. Justin is making premium quality custom jigs, spinnerbaits and even wrapping custom rods. If you are in the market for a Ultra Premium grade Jig off the shelf, then Justin is your man!


Justin will color match any special color you are wanting to duplicate or that one color you have in your mind and have always thought if you could just find it, you know it would get THUMPED! Justin makes his jigs using only premium quality grade components. Utilizing premium grade hooks, skirt materials, paints, he also hand ties his skirts to the head by hand using premium quality wire. Yes, some people still are using wire. The benefits of wire is it will not dry out and crack and leave you with a skirted mess when you grab that jig to tie on.

The best feature about Justin’s jigs is the incredible durable clear finish he applies to his painted heads. I have never fished with a jig in all of my 44 years where the paint is as durable as those of Justin’s. He’s doing something really special here. If you are like me and like to have your dollars stretch as far as possible, you need to contact Justin! Like me, you will be impressed. Being a custom jig maker, Justin will use any hook you prefer so long as it works in his molds. I really love his football jigs, they are clean, affordable, hold up better than any other jig I have used and he will match whatever it is you are wanting.


Currently his website is still in the process of being built, but you can find him on Facebook by either his name (Justin Blackmore) or the business name (J&J Tackle).

J & J Tackle (Owned and Operated by Justin Blackmore)

Nicholas Hinkle

Previously lived in SoCal for 43 years. Recently relocated to Oregon. My home town is San Diego, Ca, which is home to trophy class bass and some of the most pressured lakes around. I work for a Fortune 52 Co. (UPS) in Sales, I’m also a writer/ Field Tester that enjoys sharing the information I have obtained in the industry with all to better their experiences. I’m looking forward to being a regular contributor to MLO as well as other sites and magazines . Look me up on FaceBook!

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