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Over the past ten years I have been capturing some incredible underwater images of Largemouth Bass hunting and feeding in the wild and it was time to put some of the images into a video that everyone can enjoy..For me capturing the footage is the real fun and going into the edit phase is where I get a bit frustrated that my storyline is not perfect, but finally I feel that with my video Largemouth Bass XL I got it pretty close to what I visioned in my head

The opening scene is a question that I will ask for the rest of my life “what is it about these Largemouth Bass that drives us to constantly come back for more” I know that I have had the bass fishing obsession since I was six years old, how about you?

Early in the video I added some scenes of some Monster bass chasing and crushing rainbow trout and tried to show just how real the struggle is, and later the video I show many scenes of the food chain and how the small bass need to be aware of  larger bass and just them trying to move from one area to another could mean your dinner for a Big Bass.

In future videos I will pick out specific scenes and and do some comentary of what I believe was going on while filming and after seeing the clips in edit…

So enjoy the video and please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram at MikeLongOutdoors



Mike Long

Mike Long, is well known for monster bass, like the 20.12 oz largemouth bass taken from Dixon Lake in 2001. That fish put him at number ten on the world record list, but it wasn’t his only large fish. He is among a handful of bass fisherman with hundreds of fish over 10 lbs to his credit.