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For quite some time now I have been using swimbaits and more times than I can count I’ve had to modify them with an added hook in order to catch some tricky bass. There are lots of ways to add a hook, but the method I’ve used for years the ML Stinger Rig is one that you can rig in the field in a matter of minutes and add to your swimbait, or many other lures.

ML Stinger Rig Some of the items you will need are some quality treble hooks, swivels, split rings, 22 gauge wire, or Christmas ornament hangers, and some split ring pliers.

ML Stinger Rig Owner HookFor treble hooks I prefer to use the Owner Stinger short shank size 1. it has a semi flat side that sits against the baits real nice, and the hook points are bent in towards the shank of the hook which really help keep the hook out trouble like rocks, and wood.

ML Stinger RigYour going to need two size #3 split rings, one Stinger treble hook, and one #4 swivel. I try to match the size of the hook to width of the bait, and the conditions I will fishing.

ML Stinger Rig

A good pair of split ring pliers and small needle nose pliers really help in putting the ML Stinger Rig together, but you can use your thumb nail on the split rings if you have durable nails.

ML Stinger Rig

Step One: You want to start by having everything out in front of you ready to go, and start by getting one split ring open ready and ready for the barrel swivel.

ML Stinger Rig

Step Two: Now it’s time to add the barrel swivel.

ML Stinger RigStep Three:  Add the second split ring to the barrel swivel.

ML Stinger RigStep Four:  The needle nose pliers really help to turn the split rings onto the barrel swivel.

ML Stinger Rig
ML Stinger Rig






Step Five:  Time to add the treble hook to the ML Stinger Rig.

ML Stinger Rig

You can prepare the ML Stinger Rig at home and some ready go as pictured above, or build what you need in the field.

ML Stinger RigStep Six:  Time to add the ML Stinger Rig to your lure. I prefer adding the rig to the lure tie eyelet.

ML Stinger Rig Once the ML Stinger Rig is attached it’s time to secure the rig to the lure.

ML Stinger Rig

Your going to need a Christmas ornament hanger as pictured above, or 22 gauge wire with the green coating which can be purchased at almost any hardware store. Look online for the Xmas hangers, or stock up in December.

ML Stinger Rig

ML Stinger Rig









Cut the hanger in the middle which should leave with two 2″ pieces, now you’ll need to bend one into a tight “U” shaped hairpin as pictured in the above right picture.

ML Stinger RigNow you’ll need to push the hairpin over the hook shank at a bit of an angle into the plastic swimbait.

ML Stinger RigWhen the Hairpin is placed properly it should look like the picture above. Make lots of Hairpins due to loosing them on fish strikes and catches.

ML Stinger Rig

Make sure the ML Stinger Rig is aligned correctly on top of the swimbait.



ML Stinger RigYou can make your ML Stinger Rig longer if needed by adding one more barrel swivel and split ring. I have had the most success with the rig pictured above.  The two good things about the ML Stinger Rig, is how easy it is to add, and with the barrel swivel your hook will stay hooked in the bass mouth and not twist out….Good Luck and stick a Hog!!

Mike Long

Mike Long, is well known for monster bass, like the 20.12 oz largemouth bass taken from Dixon Lake in 2001. That fish put him at number ten on the world record list, but it wasn’t his only large fish. He is among a handful of bass fisherman with hundreds of fish over 10 lbs to his credit.