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3:16 Lure company has been around for quite some time now and make some of the most creative swimbaits on the market today. From their first creative design the Mission Fish the first weedless swimbait, to the full line of hard swimbaits. 3:16 lure company is the working mans company and pays close attention to detail.

Company: 3:16 Lures

Lure: Baby Wake

Composite: Hard Resin

Lure Type: Floater

Style: Suface Wake

Weight: 2.3 Ounce

Color: Rainbow Trout

Length:  6.5″

Hooks: Owner 1x

MSRP: $59.95

MLO Rating: 5 out of 5

My first experience with 3:16 Lure companies Baby Wake  was during a cloudy day with light rain and light chop on the water. I used a Dobyns 784 rod spooled with 18lb. Maxima fluorocarbon line and a Shimano Calais 200 reel. On the first cast I was very impressed with the wake that this little bait made in light wind. The first section of the Baby Wake . just barely went under the surface, while the rear section kicked back and forth at a slow retrieve. I also noticed a knocking sound from the two sections of the bait hitting each other on the retrieve which I am a huge fan of. Something that shocked me is the Baby Wake will walk when you pump the rod downward. It walks and rolls which while I was testing the bait I got slammed by a 5 lb. bass. This added action gives this lure and added dimension which can really help to trigger a bite.

3:16 Lure Co. Baby Wake

Upon close inspection you’ll notice that these hand made baits are built to be fished hard from the hardware used, to the paint job 3:16 lure company cut no corners.

Baby Wake Rainbow Trout

3:16 Lure co. uses top notch Owner 1x treble hooks that are super sharp and very strong and are attached with heavy duty 100 lb+ split rings. The nose of the bait has a heavy duty eyelet that no fish will ever break.

Baby Wake

A front shot of the wake bait shows the 1/8″ clear diving lip which is built into the bait in a way that it will not break off on a shore cast, or hitting rocks. 3:16 pays very close attention to natural detail and the eye sockets popping out of the wake bait and pointing downward really look natural and give this bait life.

Natural Eyes

The eyes 3:16 Lure co. uses are high grade taxidermy eyes which absolutely give this bait life. I suspect the artist at 3:16 hand paints these eyes to match the species eye color exactly that is how good these eyes look.

Baby Wake Rainbow Trout

The picture above shows the detail on the back of the hand painted Baby Wake. Once again the artist paid close attention to what species that he was replicating in this case Rainbow Trout. These are all hand painted so every bait has its own unique pattern.

Custom Hinge

What helps give the Baby Wake its wake ability is 3:16’s unique custom hinge system. 3:16 Lure co. was one of the first swimbait companies to incorporate this design into a swimabit. This hinge is built to withstand years of abuse with a custom drop pin to help keep the hinge together this system will hold up against 100lb. ocean fish.

Custom Tail

The tail of the Baby Wake is built to withstand numerous shore hits and has a 1/8″ of play which helps give the lure some added motion without adding another hinge, but what I found was this play also made a high pitch slapping sound in the water which is very unique in a surface wake bait.


Pros: The Baby Wake is one of the top wake baits on the market today and by far one of the most natural looking. The Baby Wake is built with heavy duty hardware, no short cuts in this bait.

Cons: Was hard to find any since so much thought was put into this design, I am a fan of such detail and that is why I call this the working mans swimbait!


 MLO Rating: 5 out of 5

Mike Long

Mike Long, is well known for monster bass, like the 20.12 oz largemouth bass taken from Dixon Lake in 2001. That fish put him at number ten on the world record list, but it wasn’t his only large fish. He is among a handful of bass fisherman with hundreds of fish over 10 lbs to his credit.

2 comments on “Review: 3:16 Baby Wake

Avatar image
David on December 4, 2012 7:49 pm

3:16 is, by far, my favorite swimbait company. I agree with you on the attention to detail and the exceptional build quality. Plus, they just flat-out catch fish.

They also stand behind their work. I had a fish slam my Wake Jr. into a boulder with a violent head-shake and it managed to put some small chips into it. I sent it back to 3:16 and it was repaired for just the cost of return shipping. Rina, who handles their customer service, is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met.

Avatar image
Mike Long on December 4, 2012 8:52 pm

3:16 will always stand behind their baits, they are the working man baits.

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