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robocup_productAs an outdoor enthusiast, there are a number of tools and gadgets I use regularly that I take for granted. Things that make life a little easier, a little more comfortable. Recently I added yet one more item that seems to be one of those useful things you wonder how you got along without previously.

While I do a lot of physical activities when I camp, there is also periods when I am in the great outdoors where I’m sitting, like fishing, or cooking, or even socializing. Often, whatever I am drinking tends to get knocked over or simply prevents me from using both hands since I have to hold on to it.

I’ve tried various ways of multi-tasking, holding my drink in one hand while doing something else with the other, and it rarely turns out well. Now, thanks to the ROBOCUP, i have a consistently stable way of  holding a beverage and anything else I may need within arms reach.

robocup_fishingchairThe ROBOCUP is marketed as a “patented portable caddy for drinks & poles” but I’ve found plenty of other uses for this simple device.

On a recent surf fishing trip, I attached the ROBOCUP to my beach chair and it not only held my drink, but my phone, my fishing pole, and whatever else I could stuff into its deep holders. There are even little straps I can use to secure my pole or other items so they won’t get lost or tumble out.

I actually even used it while working in my garden to hold some tools! I’m sure I’ll find more uses over time… it’s just that useful!

Company: The RoboCup LLC
Product Name: The RoboCup
Gear Categories: Personal, Portable, Fishing, Camping, Boating, Accessories
Material: Lightweight Plastic
Features: No tools required, squeeze to open. Bottom cap unscrews for fishing poles, umbrellas, or other long-handled tools.
MSRP: $24.95 (available from for $19.95)

Pros: Easy to attach, simply squeeze the cup holders. Easy to clean, and highly portable.

Cons: Non really, but if I could change anything, I’d ask that the clamp be on a swivel to allow you to attach it to horizontal bars and structures as easily as you can vertical bars and structures.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Ed Castro is a writer & web developer living in San Diego, California. An avid hiker and camper, Ed spends his days playing with the latest outdoor products and exploring the great outdoors. He recently purchased a new rod & reel in order to return to the sport that introduced him to the great outdoors.

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