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”Best tool of the modern days”

Tak_SevenSince the boom in social networking sites like Facebook, I’ve become a big fan of the technology. I should just say I can’ live without it, but I don’t just share whatever I’d think is cool or just chill online chatting with friends. I utilize social networks as a tool to connect with fellow anglers out there who share the common love for fishing.

It shows that fishing really is the common language we use to share experiences with each other. In fact, we all love sharing that passion. I wouldn’t be just randomly talking to people and say “What’s up, do you fish?” or something like that, but I like how we find one another and really start talking with enthusiasm about our shared passions. I believe the motivation is pure and helps us connect with fellow anglers across the country who feel the same way we do. That “fishing passion” opens me up to unlimited opportunities and possibilities.

Being A “GLOBE RIDER” – Beyond just online friends

After couple years of interacting with bunch of fellow anglers from different countries on Facebook, I really started thinking that I should visit them so we could fish together. The timing was perfect too.

Aurel (now one of my best friends) from Hungary, contacted me, offering me kind words on what I do through fishing and also mentioned he would take me to some good waters if I ever had a chance to visit him in Hungary.

So I immediately got back to him and said “Can I go visit you?” He said “Why not?” Just a few months later, I was standing at the famous Heroes’ Square in Budapest where I started the “Globe Ride.”

Tak_SixYou might say I’m totally reckless, but I always remind myself what comes first to your mind is the best idea you could come up with. The decision was right.

Aurel was the right person for my first global trip (my first Euro trip as well), as he obviously has the greatest personality. Thanks to him, I got to experience fishing a much different kinds of water and fishing for species I had never caught before like Pike and Perch. He arranged for me to fish with bunch of his fellow Hungarian anglers too.

The crazy thing was that there were people who came down to the hotel I was staying in just to see me and say hello. They even gave me a special bait with my name printed on it right before I flew back to Japan. It was just very flattering to me that I have such passionate people who live far away from where I live and think about me.

With the success on my first global ride, I continued planning trips with my fellow anglers. It was and has been pretty tough traveling around the world finding time between work and using my major finances to do it., but I knew I had to make it through because something good is waiting.

For the second trip, I ended up going to the East of France and Switzerland (Geneva-Montreux). Again, everyone I met was very supportive, and this trip was just as successful. I have lots of stories to tell from the trip, but it would make this article a hundreds pages long.

Instead, I’ll close this chapter with a simple message of thanks to all the people who make these trips possible. From the friends who let me stay in their place for a couple of nights to help me save money, to the others who share their wisdom and guidance and generous attitudes.

NEXT Time: Asia & Beyond

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Takatoshi Murase