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Advertise on our site. You will find us easy to deal with and trustworthy. Our Stats Traffic to our site is very stable and has been steadily increasing. According to our server logs we average 20000 page views per month and rising. According to Google Analytics the average length of stay per page is over 3 minutes.


Unlike a lot of sites, we don’t feature a lot of advertising. In fact, our goal is to never allow more than one ad per page. Aside from benefiting our visitors by not overwhelming them with messages, it allows us to truly feature our partners in positions that are more likely to generate clicks. On any given page, there will only be one ad position, meaning that aside from the content on the page, your message will be the only message being seen by our visitors.

Leaderboard: (700 x 150) $100 a month, $1,200 a year. The same ad is seen at the top of category pages. This is rotating advertisement (you share the space with other advertisers, your ad being served up a percentage of the page views as determined by the number of other advertisers in your group. A group is comprised of the total number of advertisers who have bought a leaderboard ad. If there are 10 advertisers in your group, you’ll each get 10% of the page views).

Home Page Footer: (960×200) $150 per month, $1800 a year. Your ad appears on the home page below the main content message. This is a rotating ad.

Sidescraper: (160 x 600) $300 a month, $3600 a year. Your advertisement is seen on the left side of every article in a specific category. Not a rotating ad. You do not share page views with any other advertiser for your category.

Article Ad: (700 x200) $175 per month, $2100 per year. Your advertisement is seen above a specific article for 30 days. You can change the article up to 4 times over the course of that 30 days.

Contributed Articles

These are do-it-yourself how-to articles written by you that contain links back to your site. They are not “ads,” but are helpful articles that explain how to do something. Your article will be listed on our Main page. There will be at least one other link on our site pointing to your article. You may embed as many links back to your site as are reasonable (say one link per major paragraph). You will be given a byline (signature) if you like, that links to your own personal page. Articles should be written for the beginner or intermediate level enthusiast as a helpful guide in keeping with the articles written by our staff. They should contain photos or diagrams that help explain the content to them. Any keywords you employ in the article or links back to your site will not be modified by our editor except with your consent.

Article: (350 words minimum) $200 a month, $2,000 a year. This is an extremely effective method of getting pre-qualified traffic to your site.

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